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What's Wrong With You Is Wrong All the Way Through You CD

T*Shirt approached their music intellectually. Firstly, they were fans of music, people whose lives had been altered and, so they thought, improved and ennobled by encounters with great music. They analyzed their own songs needing them to feel as if they belonged in the band members' record collections. They thought a great deal about why songs sound the way they do, how a particular emotional response in themselves was engineered and executed by other musicians, and about the sounds they wanted to create as a unit. They were hypercerebral about their musical creativity. They were classified by the press as "smart rock," a label they always disagreed with but understood others' reasoning. According to Silver Girl label owner, Keith York, "After I released T*Shirt's debut album "What's Wrong With You is Wrong All The Way Through You" a few years back, the band dissolved. That record stayed on my stereo longer than anything I own by any band. I kept after them to release a second album. "The Convincer" is the result of years of tracking down DATs, CDRs and the band members who have moved on with their lives. This album works to not only collect together their recordings, but to showcase the growth of the band over several years -- the first four songs being the last they recorded [with Small Factory's Alex Kemp and Phoebe Summersquash in their New York bunker; and the remaining songs dating back all the way to their inception as a band including their frist 7" on Lawrence, Kansas label Priapus (who later went on to release Sun Barrow, Hopewell, Teriyakis among others).]"
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