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Faintest Ideas

What Goes Up Must Calm Down CD

The Faintest Ideas are what happens when you find four guys who live on a steady diet of The Fall, Television Personalities, Fugazi, Beat Happening, The Ramones, and Buzzcocks added to the pop-friendly country of Swedish acts like Love Is All, Jens Lekman, and El Perro Del Mar. Then, just to throw off the balance, add in The Lucksmiths, Dear Nora, The Wedding Present, and British C86 bands. After self-releasing several CD-Rs and a single, the band brings us the simple and exciting What Goes Up Must Calm Down.Although most members of the band are nearing age thirty, the songs contain a youthful enthusiasm. Breakneck speed, blue-collar themes, and references to "the kids" have an authenticity and an absolute charm.
"One of our favourite singles of last year was the incessant Weddoes-style jangle of The Faintest Ideas 'Nastacular' ... hints at the base of pop with their ba-ba-ba's, but also with an early REM-like nod towards Celtic and gypsy folk ... indie-pop with a clattering spirit, rather than being twee-ish wallpaper." Vanity Project
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