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Apple Orchard

Half-Steps Toward Bright Skies CD

Two years in the making, Half-Steps Toward Bright Skies is Apple Orchard's debut cd. Devised, conceptualized, manipulated, soaked in reverb and realized by brothers Ryan and Dale Marquez, the album, released on the band's own label, Haymarket Recordings, is an assemblage of twelve of the most pensive, melancholic pop tunes the duo has ever written and recorded. Compared to the minimalist lo-fi bedroom pop of the band's early releases, the duo has expanded their sound in Half-Steps Toward Bright Skies as the songs are drenched with layers upon layers of dreamy keyboards and luminous guitars. With song titles like "Weather Patterns" and "Midnight Stars And Kisses", it's an imperfect soundtrack for the lovelorn, the heartsick and the aimless wanderers. Apple Orchard started out as a solo project by Ryan back in 1999. While listening to a lot of The Sugargliders, The Field Mice, Brighter, Sweet William, a few Sarah Records compilations and playing acoustic guitar along monotonous drum beats off a casiotone became a habit, a few songs were written, mostly schoolboy lyrics and near-whispered melodies. Becoming a duo a year later, Apple Orchard began contributing songs to a number of compilation releases and to this date, has issued three cassette EPs, a 7" single and a 3" cd-r single.
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