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Lau Nau

Nukkuu CD

"Naukkarinen manages to take a million-and-one risks while keeping things subtle, understated, aesthetically intriguing, and emotionally resonant." --Pitchfork (8.0). "Nukkuu (Finnish for 'Sleeps') is the long-awaited sophomore album by celebrated Finnish femme folk fave, Lau Nau. Nukkuu is psychedelic, abstract and emotionally captivating. Nukkuu is an album of changes. In the years since her debut album Kuutarha, Laura became a mother, moved to the Finnish countryside and took valuable time to carve out a space for her enchanted art in the new-found tranquility of her remote surroundings. Conceived in tight attics and vacant dens on off-hours when her young son Nuutti was fast asleep, this is an intimately-crafted nine-song collection that unfolds like dreamlike musical ribbons for the senses and delivers the listener to a place of unhurried contentedness."
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