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Dale Berning

The Horse and Camel Stories CD

The Horse and Camel Stories is a collection of soundtracks by dale berning. Track 1 to 14 were originally composed for Hiraki Sawa's film Going Places Titting Down, a Hayward Gallery/Bloomberg Artist Commission. These tracks are released as The Horse Stories on vinyl on Bo'Weavil Recordings in 2006. For the soundtrack dale used sounds belonging to the country house and garden in which Sawa filmed - water running in the upstairs bathroom; rain water dripping on the stones, sparkling water in a glass, the wind-chime and the clock and the record player... And then the sounds of music boxes being played. At the core of all dale berning's sound work lies a deep interest in ideas of aliveness, of space and the awareness of time passing, of breathing and being still and of listening. And of the possibility of grace. The Horse and Camel Stories includes 5 bonus tracks. "flock" is a soundtrack for a film by Stephanie Caw and the soundtrack for another film by Hiraki_Sawa: Trail, which was at the Yokohama Triennale 2005. It is composed of 3 tracks entitled "walking a circle", "caravansÚrail" and "a three-pane window". All beautiful compositions are all variations on the same theme. Her delicate music is for fans of Colleen, Oval, John Hudak and Mira Calix.
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