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B. Fleischmann & Tarwater

Morr Music Japan Tour 2005 CD

2005 tour-only release, distributed in the U.S. for the first time. To celebrate their Japanese 2005 tour, Bernhard Fleischmann and Tarwater decided to put an EP together, with Fleischmann providing two alternative versions of tracks and Tarwater providing three exclusive tracks. Anyone who has heard Fleischmann's The Humbucking Coil will already know "From To" and "Broken Monitors," but hearing them in these new-and-improved versions is a pleasure and a privilege -- the tracks are fleshed out with effects and distortion which makes them feel more fun and freer than their predecessors. Fleischmann's unmatched sense of melody brings to mind the absolute cream of melodic electronic music, yet his tracks do not sound contrived or copyist. Tarwater also don't disappoint, with their first offering "Cassedy" sounding like a 1950s slow dance as realized by the BBC Radiophonic workshop -- the EP's highlight and an incredible view of exactly what Morr Music is all about -- alternative and unusual pop music, pure and simple.
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