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Border Radio CD

Crossing the Mediterranean and then over the Atlantic, Blake/e/e/e finds its new home by Lake Michigan in Chicago. From their Italian beginnings in 2002 as indie rock band Franklin Delano, Paolo Iocca and Marcella Riccardi continue to break new ground with their new project Blake/e/e/e and are joined by American multi-instrumentalists Davy DeLaFuente and Oren Wagner.
When the faces of Easter Island sing, they sound like Border Radio. Blake/e/e/e captures the imagination with its salsa of orphan dub, folk celestial, sixties psychedelic intergalactic ballads, and post-punk country that will travel through every bone in your body while you howl at the shooting stars. It's Beach Boys going to church where the church transmutes into a metaphysical disco. Whether you're making love (not war) or on a cross-country killing spree, Border Radio is the perfect ethno spiritual alt rock soundtrack.
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