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When the Leaves Fall Like Snow 2xCD

"When The Leaves Fall Like Snow" is the latest release by the remarkably talented Leicestershire guitarist Jon Attwood (aka Yellow6), following ten years of extraordinary creativity, both in terms of quality and productivity (over 30 hours of music on labels such as Resonant, Ochre, Darla, and many more). This double album, bearing the unmistakable and highly personal Yellow6 melodic sound, was conceived and crafted in Stockholm in the autumn and winter of 2007. Reflecting its place of origin, it showcases Yellow6 at its most minimal, each of the two CDs providing the listener with a different way of experiencing the grey and white landscapes of Scandinavia.
The first CD takes you on a sweeping journey through tranquil yet incredibly deep soundscapes created by Jon Attwood's effortlessly complex layering of sounds. Nocturnal incursions into the cold and dark realms of Swedish winter... With the sense of isolation and nostalgia one experiences when immersed in a vast alien environment. Jon Attwood's drifting and looping guitars so sonorous and versatile that it feels at times that you're listening to a full orchestra.
The second CD, with shorter tracks and a less ambient feel, bears the same beautiful and melancholy qualities in a more intimate way. Imagine the same landscapes but with a fragile light glimmering in the distance or with the warmth of sunlight shimmering on the snow.
You feel gently yet irresistibly drawn into the quiet intensity of Yellow6's sonic world, and Jon Attwood's sound invests silence so totally that it is difficult to listen to anything else after this album has finished playing.
With "When The Leaves Fall Like Snow", Yellow6 takes you on a wondrous musical voyage without any pre-defined destination. Just press "play" and let yourself be taken over by the enchantment of the journey. (V. Martin)
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