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"We first started work recording Blue Moon in 1994 in this very cheap, musty studio in Brixton. The idea was to record everything very quickly and basically as a starting point and then either to rerecord or build on the material in another more expensive studio. It was an interesting approach, though the only song we ended up using from that session was Goodnight, which was later mixed by VIctor Van Vugt. Soon after that we got a chance to rent Berry Street where we both practice and record and initially started work on mixing a couple of the songs we'd recorded in Brixton, with Kevin Poree who co owns and engineers at Berry Street. We later also got Drostan to come down to record and mix a number of other songs that we were going to release as our follow up to Between Happiness And Heartache, but when we finished it, although we liked a lot of the individual songs we weren't happy with the album as a whole as it just sounded like Between Happiness And Heartache part two and we felt we wanted to do something different so we decided to try a new approach, and instead of writing songs, then rehearsing them over and over until they were polished and ready to record, we set up a couple of ambient microphones in the studio (I'd recently done an recording course and Dominic had also started getting interested in the recording side of things) and recorded things instrumentally as soon as we wrote them straight onto DAT, in some cases edited them, and transferred them onto half inch tape and got Dominic to record his vocals over the top a few weeks later. It was quite incredible how changing the way we recorded changed our whole approach to writing and completely liberated us in terms of structure and sound. Moonstone being the most extreme instance of this, where we abandoned our own instruments and just all played keyboards instead, (though Gary and I did relent later on and play a bit of guitar and bass)." -- Taken from interview with Ari.
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