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The Blue Guerrilla LP

Exact repro LP reissue of this Last Poets-affiliated freakout album, originally released in 1971. "This solo album by Gylan Kain, one of the original Last Poets... is a study in angry poetics, performance art, and killer presentation. The Blue Guerrilla is a freestyle set before such a thing was even a dream. Free jazz-funk grooves on guitars, electric violins, a slew of drums, and ghostly keyboards accompany his gorgeous and disturbing ranting that is far from pointless. Music is placed here not as accompaniment, but as a framework for Kain to place his poetry in a context of the African-American oral tradition and the Living Theatre. And he gives no quarter. This man makes the Last Poets he left behind sound like schoolboys trying to sound pissed off. There aren't any other records like this; this is the sound of the apocalypse, one that Amiri Baraka predicted and celebrated." --All Music Guide
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