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Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 5 2xCD

Sub Rosa presents the fifth volume of the highly-acclaimed and successful Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music series. This installment highlights pieces illustrating a technique (Claude Ballif's "Points, Mouvements"), a country ("Shur, Op. 15" by Alireza Mashayekhi), a studio (Helmut Lachenmann at the IPEM), and historic (François Bernard Mâche's "Prélude"), and radical ("Spectrum Ripper" by Masonna/Yamazaki "Maso" Takushi) works that have ripped apart ancient definitions. All this organized with internationalism in mind and, for once, a focus on the voice -- not as sung words, their traditional facet in music (from pop songs to lieder and operas), but as the word itself, recited, distorted, rendered abstract or disaggregated and screamed (the incantation so often a part of rock and noise music). Like the previous four volumes, this fifth installment is an absolute must for anyone interested in the roots and history of electronic music, with many previously unpublished, rare tracks comprising more than 2 ½ hours of music. The 2CD comes in a deluxe digipack sleeve with an extensive 54-page booklet. Other artists include: Charlemagne Palestine, Pere Ubu, Sutcliffe Jügend, Li Chin Sung aka Dickson Dee, Rogelio Sosa, Christian Galaretta, Richard Maxfield, Wolf Vostell, André Boucourechliev, Mauricio Kagel, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Raoul Hausmann, Gil Joseph Wolman, Leo Kupper, Josef Anton Riedl, Sten Hanson + Henri Chopin, Dajuin Yao, Ground Zero, Club Moral and Dub Taylor.
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