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Jack Penate

Matinee 2xCD

Jack Peñate's head is full of incredible pop songs and over the last year in UK he's been bewitching sold out audiences with them, striking a real chord nationwide and making quite a name for himself. Hailing from South London and only 22 years of age, Jack delivers on many levels and does so with seeming ease. With his debut album, Matinée, now in the can, he's lived up to his promise and proves he has many assorted bows in his repertoire - from upbeat to downbeat, heartfelt to joyous, he's got all the moves. Recorded and produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Kasabian), Matinée is heavy. Forming its core are his three singles to date - the summer swagger of 'Spit At Stars', the now anthemic 'Torn On The Platform' and his most recent opus, 'Second, Minute or Hour', which captures a gutsy Jack performing at a breakneck speed. Add to that 'Run For Your Life', a song detailing an attempted mugging on him, injected with Jack's own spellbinding knack for a pop chorus and the nailed-on-classic-in-the-waiting in 'Have I Been A Fool?' and you've already got an impressive body of work. With his deserved reputation for breathless live shows, fans will be happy that live stalwarts making the cut include 'Learning Lines' (the only track on the album produced by Philadelphian electronic maestro Rjd2, the contented Jack in 'Got My Favourite' and 'Made of Codes', a bluesy stomper that mutates into a glorious, three minute indie-pop masterclass. Where a lot of his songs are full of wonder and hope, there's a deeper side to the young man. For instance, the lovelorn lament of 'My Yvonne' (which features fellow rising star Adele on backing vocals), the string laden epic 'We Will Be Here' and the intricate, lo-fi strumming of album closer, 'When We Die', which was recorded at St. Barnabus church in Ealing with a gospel backing, all show this guy has got soul. Jack Peñate's talent runs deep, he writes both infectious and intelligent pop songs and with his debut album, Matinée, he's undoubtedly made one of the most exciting records of the year.
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