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45:33 was originally recorded by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) as a continuous album-length disco symphony. Commissioned by Nike for their Original Run series, it was the second in the series and proved a massive success, both critically and commercially.
It is the result of Murphy's desire to create a piece of music outside the typical commercial constraints. 45:33 is a refreshing audio creation, complete and fulfilling--moving through a dynamic range of tempos and rhythms, all the while maintaining the essence of an LCD Soundsystem recording. Murphy explains that "this appealed to me because it was so anathematic to what you're typically asked to do as an artist-- make easily digestible lumps of music for albums, or the radio, or whatever."
Nearly six months since the iTunes exclusive ended, 45:33 is now available for the first time on CD and double vinyl. The CD, which also includes three bonus tracks previously available in the UK only, remains intact as a singular piece of music that is spliced six times for easy navigation. The vinyl release, on the other hand, is carefully separated into four individual tracks and spread across the four sides of vinyl.
No longer just for runners, 45:33 will prove to be a must-have release for athletes, DJs, and music fans alike.
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