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Watery Graves of Portland

Watery Graves of Portland CD

After having written many war songs and having avoided popular songwriting, Geneviève Castrée decided to write dramatic love songs inspired by the music of Jacques Brel and the novels of Québec writer Réjean Ducharme. The result is eleven love songs, mostly depressing ones. Sometimes comical, mostly bitter.
Features vocals by Phil Elverum.
"Geneviève Castrée, a Francophone poet, artist, and singer from Canada, possesses a voice as beautiful and petulant as any major female singer around today ... While her sound is the very epitome of lo-fi, and the message of her lyrics inscrutable to my unfortunate English-speaking self, any listener can imagine the lush musical accompaniment that would best suit her tunes ... I strongly suggest catching her this time around, before she has the chance to pull a Salinger or Rimbaud on us all." — PopMatters
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