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We Will Gently Destroy You CD

Formed by Merc – a founding member of the post-shoegaze band ALL NATURAL LEMON & LIME FLAVORS - Ifwhen has been spreading their somewhat noisy, especially melodic and oddly structured music throughout NYC and beyond. ANL+LF had worldwide acclamation with 3 LPs released in the US, Europe and Japan. Their sound was considered unique to their peers of the time due its complexity both sonically and compositionally. That band disbanded in the early 2000's and Merc rose from the ashes to form Ifwhen, taking the complexity and sonic attitude to the next level. With a live show including a real time visual artist creating live projections and an immense arsenal of sound, Ifwhen are not meant to be merely "listened to" ~ they need to be experienced. We Will Gently Destroy You was mixed by DÄLEK's "Oktopus" at Deadverse Studios in early 2007. The album marks the first US release from Ifwhen. Sounding like very carefully orchestrated chaos, dense walls of sound create multiple rhythms. Melody lines intertwine while the bass and drums often find pleasantly awkward, unexpected grooves ~ and those grooves take the foreground when time signatures and key signatures seem to change at any given moment and usually without warning. At times, it almost sounds as if all the band members are playing separate songs. It can be somewhat disorienting. Although it can mess with your head a little if you let it, it's not all about discord. Gentle vocals and melodic hooks float about the songs, managing to consistently keep them slightly pretty around the edges. Amidst the commotion, somehow it all makes just enough sense - convincing you to find that normalcy is just another part of their equation. Influences and elements are certainly present, though difficult to put an exact finger on. Not quite as twisted as Syd Barrett, not as monstrous as Glenn Branca, not as abrasive as the Velvet Underground and not as technical as King Crimson – but its certainly all in there, just like every band treats their influences, only Ifwhen is constantly looking towards rearranging them. Clairecords' vinyl-only sister label Claire's Echo will be releasing a split 12" of Ifwhen and Dälek in early 2008.
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