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Kago 2xCD

FOR FANS OF: NICK DRAKE, ARIEL PINK, FONAL RECORDS. This summer Estonian indielabel Seksound released an anthology-like compilation by Estonian most talented singer/songwriter Kago. It is a reissue of Kago's two albums which were released by local label Õunaviks as limited CD-Rs. This new release is a double CD with new artwork and lyrics. The first CD is Kago's first album "Piimash" from 2003 and the second is "Köngerjönks" from 2005. Bonus tracks will be available as free mp3 album "Momentalnõi Holodilnik", downloadable from Õunaviks website ( Kago should be relative name for Seksound admirers as he has been featured on both volumes of "Kohalik ja Kohatu" compilation. Kago is Lauri Sommer, poet, translator and literary essayist. As Kago he has made folky music for years, his wide interests are heard in those tracks, from instrumentals to punk and native songs from Southern Estonia. His music is variable and unique. Recordings are made at home by himself and sometimes primitively worked with computer, it all gives some magical intimacy to his songs. If you're touched by technologies of Ariel Pink, purity of Nick Drake and nordicness of Fonal artists, this is for you. At the same time it's nothing you could expect.
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