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Taste of Ra

Morning of My Life CD

This is the third and final album in the A Taste of Ra trilogy. Nicolai Dunger, and the cloak of mystery behind the Taste of Ra project has captivated many with its various incarnations of free-folk meanderings, Tim Buckley jazz-howl and Swedish pastoral indie-hum. Dunger describes Morning of My Life as follows: "When we moved to the tent and the light was golden and we were young, and the magazine was all there was to bring, and you woke in the night when the birds were singing just for you and the smell of soil and the warm breath over through you, ohh it moved you. All there was to it, was the morning of my life." He also describes that the overall idea behind the first two A Taste of Ra records was for pure vocal and instrumental experimentation -- using recording techniques on a more personal level. On this final record in the trilogy, he takes a different approach, starting off with one song that he developed together with Swedish musician, songwriter and producer, Jari Haapalainen. The song naturally broke up into six movements, creating a film-like, dramatic pattern, and Johan Berthling made some beautiful arrangements for three of the movements. Starsailor-esque vocals, jazzy horns and loose, clattering drums mix with piano, harp and guitar arpeggios -- just as much of an Impressionistic song cycle as Van Morrison's Astral Weeks.
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