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Nathan Halverson

Nurse/Shark CD

Nurse Shark began with an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a few boxes. It evolved into a piece for processed guitar and field recordings (with a few sampled sounds thrown in for good measure). The majority of the sounds came from a single improvised recording of two guitars. During the recording, on a warm fall day on the coast of Maine, things seeped in. After that, everything was different.
Nathan Halverson works with found, sampled and original audio using various methods and processes to produce new sounds. His work combines elements of film, literature and popular culture which he uses to investigate the boundaries that divide and connect various media. Most recently, his work has focused on the voice, and on the borders and "translations" between text, voice, image and music. He has also been known to write a sentence and snap a photo.
With regards to the work of: Morton Feldman, Jean Luc Godard, Akira Rabelais, Andrei Tarkovsky, William Vollman, Christian Fennesz, Gilles Deleuze, AMM, Paul Celan, Colleen, Chris Marker, Oval, The Brothers Quay, Jennie Neighbors, Jim O'Rourke, Knox Harrington, and some others that go without saying.
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