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The Glass Bottom Boat CD

The fruits of a lengthy process involving an ever-changing line-up featuring a revolving door of San Francisco musicians, this is the long-awaited debut from Carta, now with settled personnel surrounding core member Kyle Monday. Engineered by Beulah's Eli Crews and featuring Sacha Galvagna and Jared Matt Greenberg (Charles Atlas) and Alexander Kort (Subtle) amongst others, 'The Glass Bottom Boat' is a remarkably accomplished album, as one might expect considering the pedigree of those involved. Having found a home on eclectic UK label Resonant, Carta's audience should be broad and widespread, with their overall sound avoiding pigeonholes. The album is mostly instrumental, predominantly downtempo but with constant emphasis on melody. The title track features full vocals from Sarah Bell, and sounds like the best thing Espers have ever recorded. Packaged in lavish six-panel digipak.
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