Tonevender Mailorder - 14 E University Ave. #206 / Gainesville, FL / 32601

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Aa (say "BIG A little a") has been honing its unique blend of intensely stylized DIY maximalism in the lofts and clubs of New York since 2002. The component parts--three drumsets, a tangle of synthesizers and samplers, dudes shouting--are simple enough. Yet the experience is an utterly unique and giddily engaging gasp of fresh air, a densely imagined, obsessively structured, hyperactive shoplifting spree through the polyrhythmic post-post-punk digital jungle-mall. Earthshakingly organic beats,squawking, alien samples and group chant-hooks crash headfirst into blissed-out electronic rave-ups--everybody moves, everybody sweats. And yeah, they do their own fucking light show.
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