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Alcian Blue

Years Too Late EP CDr

The long-awaited final EP from D.C. shoegazers Alcian Blue is here! These recordings feature all five members of the band and are the last recordings done in their basement studio in Takoma Park, MD. Some of these songs have been around the internet since 2003 in 4-track form and are just now seeing an official release. Alcian Blue disbanded in September of 2006 after a long ten year run. Starting out playing basement shows around D.C., they met up with fellow sonic chaos makers, Skywave of Fredericksburg, VA, and toured up and down the East Coast and Canada with shows of blinding strobes and walls of feedback. Years Too Late captures some of the most melodic sounds the band ever created during those years, harkening back to those first Slowdive EPs. The songs were originally going to be part of a full-length record with songs from the Translucent EP, but the band decided to wait to record these. From A Fading Smilešs gliding airy sounds of downward spiral to the epic ender Carousel, and everything in between, the warm atmospheres the band creates are juxtaposed against an over-lying theme of isolation and loneliness. Years Too Late is a perfect ending for one of Americašs darker shoegaze bands that constantly explored sounds at maximum volumes.
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