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So Far CD

Faust from Hamburg can be considered as the most notorious representative of early "krautrock" bands. What made them notorious was their artistic and experimental approach of dealing with rock music. Radically breaking with old conventions in music, they were way ahead of their time. And so it was quite a frequent occurrence that their gloomy sound collages met with point-black rejection. Nowadays, music experts almost unanimously agree that Faust must be counted among the most important and most influential German bands on an international scale.
'So Far" their second album was originally released in 1972. The album arrived in a black sleeve with paintings inside which apparently corresponded to each of the tracks. The album opens with the stomping, primal beat of 'It's A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl' - Roxy Music used a similar pattern on 'Bogus Man', and Brian Eno identified as one of the essential beats in 70s music. Following this outbreak of near-normality, the dream logic of the first album reasserts itself with abrupt shifts in sound and style. Acoustic interludes of almost classical formality are contrasted with electronic freak-outs, and there are passages on this album which sound almost conventional. Having mastered their studio technique, Faust created a seamless, otherworldly sequence of musical events that owes little to anything that had been done before. Faust are one of the legends of underground music, and these are the albums that the legend is based on. Essential listening.
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