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George and Caplin

He Really Got Through To Advertising CD

GEORGE & CAPLIN's backwards looping under-coat melodics seep like a musical IV into nourishment-hungry heads. Warm acoustics resonate over warbling electronics, palpitating into slow, sentient rhythms. 'Dreamo' has already been co-opted by punk-dits, so G&C's get their own 'Hemo' category, just so everyone can be called something ending in "-emo." Yes, Hemo: The blood. Fluid dynamics at its core purpose: pumping life into a system. Their sanguine essence of cosmic psychedelia blasts a new kind of human flower. Tiny sounds rise to peal at the surface, dueted by a disembodied vocal melancholia. These seven tracks carve out a truly unique sonic geode that paints a plasma of pure loveliness. Coming on like some unearthed Factory or 4AD artifact, G&C's organic nu-gaze halos continue to circle above; the blood infusing the machine with a soul. Edition of 350 numbered and signed copies.
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