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We Are Soldiers We Have Guns

Wild World / Wherever I Lay My Hat, That's My Home 7"

Two brilliant covers of classic Cat Stevens and Marvin Gaye tunes.
"we are soldiers we have guns is Gothenburg resident Malin Dahlberg (also in Douglas heart and Laurel music). Sometimes there's help from additional friends and players; Robert Tenevall (Royal Downfall, Knugen Faller) and Pontus Wallgren (Franke, Douglas Heart, Afraid of Stairs) should be mentioned. At fist it was just a large pile of songs that the other members of Douglas heart had rejected. Now, we are soldiers we have guns is the music I wish someone would have played to me when I was 11 and forced to go to school even though I hated it. It's the songs I would have written if I knew how to when hiding in my high schools toilets, hating the cool and the not so cool kids equally. It's songs from the backseat of tour vans, listening to a whole lot of craptalk about nothing. we are soldiers we have guns will never be cool or cute, and it will never be ironic. This is we are soldiers we have guns... "I did not record these songs so that couples can chuckle recognizingly over their couple dinners and comment on how odd it sounds when the girl with the baby voice sings these oh so masculine songs. I did not record them in some kind of radical revolt against the sexist crap in the mainstream radio,in an attempt to put people on an exlusive diet of Crass instead. That would be stupid. I recorded them because I wanted for once to be the girl who tells her little boy about the wild world out there, and the gal who is always on the roam. Most of the time, in popular music, only men get to roam and teach. Women in pop lyrics are shelters from the storm, still around the morning after, saying show me show me show me how you do that trick. These songs are me pointing that out. And trying hard to be something else." - Malin
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