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This is the first full-length release by the UK's Need More Sources (Chris Stewart). With this debut, yet another dimension of sound is incorporated into the Moteer extended family, through delicate orchestration and evocative, Satie-inspired piano. Reminiscent of everyone from Colleen to Jon Brion, Ryuichi Sakamoto to Ted Barnes, Shed stands up as one of the label's most inspired releases to date. Nothing is really known about Chris Stewart, except what is presented to us through the ten songs of Shed. But it's better that way -- the songs relish in their anonymity, encouraging the listener to overlay their own personal stories of love and loss over the wordless lyricism of string quartets and hushed guitars. Sentimental without becoming twee or melodramatic, Stewart owes a similar debt to modern American folk music as the likes of Max Richter or Goldmund, with tracks such as "Storm" and "Rain." Nine tracks in and the clouds break for a moment, as "Sun" warms us with its glorious beams of light. Questionably the highlight of the album, the listener is treated to some of the most beautiful strings this side of Vaughan Williams, as a solemn guitar quietly strums. The level of quality and workmanship that all have come to expect from Moteer has now been raised to the next level, thanks to the beautiful intricacy of Need More Sources. What an age we live in; where pocket symphonies can grow from spare bedrooms (or sheds) around the globe and change your outlook and perception of modern music forever.
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