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RemixSelection_One CD

This latest release from the Finnish electronica producer is a collection of remixes featuring artists such as Global Goon (Rephlex) and Multiplex (Toytronic). 01. eedl - too few arguments (no arguments at all lacklustermx) (03/11/02) 02. lord fader - chase hq (lackluster caseQQ) (25/09/03) 03. global goon - mithranix (lcklstr shoddymx) (07/06/03) 04. korpi ensemble - rely (unreliable llmx) (03/01/03) 05. proem - standard naming convention (lackluster 80bpmmx) (03/06/02) 06. max waters - dot your eyes (cross your doubleLs) (06/01/04) 07. mantra - dream with the fishes (keep stiLL its your achilles heel) (04/08/02) 08. manta - sitting pretty (lacklustermx) (24/02/03) 09. multiplex - rockrobot (lacklustermx4) (june 2001) 10. (env)itre - nighthiker (lackluster limp) (15/06/03) 11. multiplex - rockrobot (lacklustermx2) (june 2001) 12. sleepytown manufacture - latatoo (laa laa lacklustermx) (29/09/02) 'RemixSelection_One' is the latest release from Finnish electronica producer, Lackluster. Now residing in Dublin, he has decided to team up with Irish label Psychonavigation Records for his latest project. As with his last album 'Showcase' and previous output Lackluster continuosly strives to re-define the traditional boundaries of electronic music. As the name suggests, the album is a collection of remixes featuring artists such as Global Goon (Rephlex) and Multiplex (Toytronic) among others. Three years in the making, 'RemixSelection_One' contains elements of electronica, electro and hip hop, all of which receive an effortless re-working which is uniquely Lackluster, making for an innovative release. With these musical interpretations, he succeeds in creating a fresh perspective on the already accomplished original compositions. This combined with the strong independent spirit of Psychonavigation Records, Remixselection_one should be well received by fans and critics alike. All remixes created between June 2001 and January 2004. All remixes written and produced by Esa Juhani Ruoho, as Lackluster.
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