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Let's Drag Our Feet CD

BOAT is back with their second LP entitled, "Let's Drag Our Feet!". Recorded in the basement in Seattle, Washington, the trio has improved upon the lo-fi sound of their debut. This time out, each song is an anthem. Slightly fuzzy vocals collide with simple guitar lines, start stop drumming, handclaps, la las, ba bas, ooh oohs, slippery theremin, some 8 bit Nintendo keyboard sounds, electronic kazoo, double trumpet, and enough energy to make you play air drums or shout out lyrics in the car /office/deli/wherever you spend your days. Seattle's BOAT proudly takes it's place along side the ranks of the rejected with it's debut LP - Corey duBrowa Magnet BOAT's somehow able to rein all those elements in to create playful, catchy-as-hell pop jams that will lodge themselves into your heads and your hearts and refuse to come out. - GorillavsBear [SLOPPY POP] BOAT's ridiculously charming pop songs have burrowed into my psyche, and I don't think they're leaving anytime soon. The Seattle trio's hand-clappin' clunky pop tunes come off as ultra-fun, but D. Crane's half-sung, half-shouted lyrics prove him not only a great smart-ass, but a thoughful and sympathetic narrator, too. - AMY MCCULLOUGH Willamette Week Boat's songs are great: part solid and charming melodic pop drenched with narratives and part goofy but endearing indie rock laced with the sounds of a drunken orchestra. So thanks for the warning, Boat, but next time, don't be afraid to put yourselves out there. You're pretty fuckin' rad. - MEGAN SELING The Stranger
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