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Here Where Nothing Grows 2xLP

Timely reissue of Ocean's debut on vinyl. Over the last few of years Ocean has established themselves as an unparalleled current in the east coast metal scene. This is a slow ancient doom harnessing the deep low end drone of Sunn 0))), Burzum's screams, the crushing heaviness of Buried At Sea, and even the art rock of Mogwai. However, these obvious audio touchstones couldn't possibly prepare you for Here Where Nothing Grows, an album that can only happen in one place, by one group in a coastal Maine city nestled against the crashing waves of the cold Atlantic sea. Recommended if you like Neurosis, Burzum, Buried At Sea, Sunn 0))), Earth, Electric Wizard, downers, absynth, molasses, sloths, etc.
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