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California Snow Story

Close to the Ocean CD

California Snow Story are a Scottish-based band, formed in 2002 by David Skirving. David was a founder member of Glasgow band CAMERA OBSCURA. He wrote several songs and played lead guitar on their first three releases (Park and Ride, Your Sound and Rare UK Bird). He also wrote guitar parts for the 'Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi' album and played several shows with Camera Obscura between 1997 and 1999, including the legendary Bowlie Weekender festival. California Snow Story first released music on the much-loved Shelflife label in 2002 and have had a rather fluid line up. After a lengthy break, David began recording again in 2005 and was joined in 2006 by singer Sandra Belda Martínez. Sandra was previously the vocalist in the highly rated Valencia-based duo Superété. Superété recorded music in Spain in 2001/2002 and played frequently in Valencia and Barcelona in 2003 and 2004. With help from Madoka Fukushima on keyboards and Alan Skirving on drums, California Snow Story have recorded their first full-length release 'Close to the Ocean'.
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