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A Hundred Times Beloved

Antarctic Sunrise CD

"A Hundred Times Beloved are either great admirers of My Bloody Valentine or they've hit upon the idea of messing up a song until it's original form is almost unrecognisable of their own volition. However they arrived at the formula, the execution is admirable. The nine songs on 'Antarctic Sunrise' all follow this method; the sonic equivalent of overlaying a Pollock on a Picasso...'Antarctic Sunrise' offers music that is stark, glacial and serene and fans of shoegazing and electronica alike will find much to enjoy within the confines of its icy womb." -- Losing Today
a hundred times beloved: a name that already states everything: music that simply enchants, recalling the breathtaking beauty of an antarctic sunrise. a hundred times beloved are Felix Neumann and Christian "Pacult" Winklhofer (of the band SPRUCE) - two guys from Regensburg (Bavaria, Germany), who have commited themselves entirely to the world of Pop and Electronica. On their new album, antarctic sunrise, the rapid development continues impressively. The rather careful songwriting of their s/t EP goes on the offensive. Instead of shy reservation a hundred times beloved want more attention, more beats. You can hear the cracks of the glacier, the pure voice in the polar air. The two guys from Regensburg try to reach this in different ways. Next to noisy wall of sound pieces like The tide is high you can find electronic approaches on antarctic sunrise. Especially the song Ella adds on to this, of which a single will be released beside the album. On this single you will find an Ella-Remix by Markus Guentner. Other remixes of friends and a hundred times beloved themselves will be online in april. The development of the band doesn't only continue musically with antarctic sunrise, even the personnel will be increased. Playing live there will be more artists on stage in the future. a hundred times beloved want more. Acoustically and visibly.
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