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Yellow Swans

Descension CD

29 minutes-2 tracks. Yellow Swans are back and Descension is their most psychedelic recording till date, two tracks recorded while on tour that maintain the expansive and melodic qualities the Drift EP (their last year's release on Acuarela) presented, but harbor the intensity of a Yellow Swans show. Caged beast. Pete Swanson and Gabriel Mindel Saloman are the vibrant duo behind Yellow Swans. Working on improvisation and the use of either electronica or guitars and the assembling/reassembling of sound through a bunch of musical influences: hardcore, dub, death metal, hip hop, noise, jazz, folk, all mixed up by an unlimited creative process. An improvisional approach to music that creates a unique experience for each live performance. Swanson describes the music he crafts with help of Saloman as "a constantly evolving mass of psychedelic noise that is both physically arresting and physically liberating". An exercise of freedom. After self-releasing a series of EPs and limited copies 7", Bring The Neon War Home, their first album, came out garnering much recognition in the US. And so it did their sophomore record Psychic Secession, which contained some politically oriented lyrics. Drift was a unique presentation of the more melodic and gentle side of Yellow Swans. Shimmering guitars, electronic squalls, harsh walls of static and burning wires. Electronic grit smeared over gentle finger picked guitars, Martian melodies. As Drift, Descension is a consequence of months of live concerts and tours. Recorded live, this new release finds a more abstract line. This two drones stick to our heads for weeks. Swanson and Saloman go and totally lay a psychedelic trip where gauzy clouds of melodic whir inflate and expand covering our minds. Recorded in late 2006, these two pieces of ambient-noise show a new purified noise smog column that will guide us back to what we used to be.
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