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These Are Powers forge future-primitive songs from inspiration such as dreams, spiritual mysticism, art movements like Der Blaue Reiter, globalization, supernatural phenomena, and the prophecies of a UFO-obsessed cab driver. These influences constitute a transcendent and visceral sound the Brooklyn trio has christened Ghost-Punk. The unconventionality of the band also rules their process. Drummer Ted McGrath eschews a traditional high-hat setup in order to take full advantage of a limited kit, creating inventive percussive patterns. Likewise, bassist/vocalist Pat Noecker (LIARS, N0 THINGS) and guitarist/vocalist Anna Barie (KNIFE SKILLS) achieve uniquely deconstructive tones via prepared guitar and experimentation. These Are Powers' live performances resound in both volume and pure emotional intensity, as songs sway from meditative hymns to resonant dirges, audience and band share equally in the awakening. Shortly after forming in September 2006, These Are Powers self-released a demo cassette to favorable review, including an entry on The New Afternoon Show Top 89.1 of 2006 for college radio station WNYU. The band has performed in NYC and along the East Coast with such notable acts as The Fall, Chinese Stars, An Albatross, Aa (Big A Little A), The Boggs, Dirty Projectors, High Places, Neptune, White Mice, and Ex Models. In May/June of 2007, These Are Powers will tour the U.S. in support of their "Silver Lung"/ "Funeral Xylophone" 7" release on Elsie & Jack Recordings. A music video by the band for the song "Silver Lung" is available online.
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