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In advance of GANG GANG DANCE'S upcoming studio full-length THE SOCIAL REGISTRY are proud to present the band's first ever DVD release, "Retina Riddim." This film was made by Gang Gang Dance member, and visual artist, BRIAN DEGRAW. "Retina Riddim" is by no means a tour film, documentary, live video, or anything as remotely stringent. Included on the DVD is a fan film, GGDbyOP, shot and edited on the road by OLIVER PAYNE, a friend of the band's. As an added bonus "Retina Riddim" also contains an audio CD cut together by Degraw specifically for this release, and a fold-out poster designed by Mr. DeGraw. "Retina Riddim" is both a document of Gang Gang Dance's progress over the past few years, and a look forward to the direction they are moving in.
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