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This is Dutchman Rutger Zuydervelt's second release for the Lampse Audiovisual Recordings label. His Machinefabriek project has captivated many listeners with his stunning and regular supply of home-made 3" CD-Rs, a project which Zuydervelt had been working on since 2003 and is still working on today. So, it was almost inevitable that at some point a compilation would have to be made from the series' finest moments. After a long period of deliberation, Lampse boss-lady Monika Herodotou and Zuydervelt came up with the perfect selection -- two full CDs of audio which play like "proper" albums rather than simple, haphazard collections of tracks, yet still contain enough audio insanity to confirm the rumor that Machinefabriek is a true musical enigma. It strikes us as quite horrifying how a man can actually produce this volume of music while keeping such an obvious level of quality control but somehow he does it -- there's not a dull moment on Weleer's 22 varied tracks. From the Eastern-flecked tongue-in-cheek gorgeousness of "Chinese Unpopular Song" to the ear-shattering cave-dwelling noise of "Hieperdepiep," and from the squealing power-electronics of "Bye Bye Boat, Bye Bye Building" to the truly epic 20-minute grandeur of "Lief," there is truly something here for every listener. There is also a great deal of hype surrounding Rutger Zuydervelt at the moment, and if you want to find out what the whole Machinefabriek thing is about anyway, there couldn't be a better place to start than Weleer. We simply couldn't imagine a finer collection of disturbed experimental music.
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