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Ya Ho Wha 13

To The Principles For the Children 180g LP

The fifth Ya Ho Wha 13 album to be officially reissued by Swordfish, in their continuing series -- licensed directly from the Source Foundation. Has the original artwork, 180gm vinyl and all new 2006-written liner notes by Isis. Plus lyrics! Limited edition of 500 copies. This album was originally released on Higher Key around 1975. "At the end of 1974 The Source sold their restaurant and moved to Hawaii. There they went looking for paradise only to encounter hostile locals, who were reluctant to rent out a pad for Yahowa and his 13 wives, forcing them to temporarily retreat to Northern California. But they eventually reconfigured themselves and returned to Hawaii for a final fractious stand. To The Principles For The Children dates from this period and the tension shows. Its two long tracks are broken into untitled fragments, one of them an ode to 'woman power' worthy of Helen Reddy. More frequently Yahowa locks into heaven chant mode, surrounded by instrumental rings that recall The Magic Band of 'Abba Zabba'. Very possibly, this album explains a great deal of the Father's philosophy -- that is, if you can make out the words, of which there are many. By way of compensation the ensemble seamlessly blends effects and percussion, and when the kids'chorus of 'Yahowa' starts up at the end you'll know you've already been somewhere." -- Byron Coley.
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