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Dandelion: The Complete Dandelion Records Singles Collection 1969-1972 3xCD BOX

"The complete singles collection of the late and legendary DJ John Peel's beloved Dandelion Records, compiled and brought to you for the very first time by Cherry Red Records 3CD box set, individual CD wallets and a 48-page booklet containing the story of Dandelion with original artwork, images, memorabilia and heart-warming, revealing contributions from Clive Selwood and the artists themselves. In 1969, in the face of the entrenched attitudes of most of the major record companies, the late and legendary DJ John Peel launched his own record label with manager Clive Selwood called Dandelion. They would oversee 18 acts, release 27 albums plus a sampler compilation before the label was brought to a close in 1972. They also released a similar number of singles, compiled here for the very first time by Cherry Red Records. Lovingly restored and beautifully packaged, with contributions from the artists and Clive Selwood himself, this wonderful 3CD box set will astound many and bring joy to collectors and John's listeners and fans alike." Artists: Beau, Bridget St. John, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Clague, Gene Vincent, Medicine Head, Mike Hart, Bill Oddie, Stackwaddy, Siren, The Way We Live, The Yamasukis, The Coxhill/Bedford Duo, Will Dandy & The Dandylettes, Supersister, Tractor, Kevin Coyne and Clifford T. Ward.
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