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The Yellow Square CD

Folk/Electronica, comparable to Animal Collective, Mum and Fennesz, all popular and successful artists in the alternative, electronic and experimental scene. West Midlands-based label Split Femur Recordings begins their journey with their first release 'The Yellow Square' by Staffordshire-based musician Planivaar. Planivaar began in 2005 as the experimental side project of artist Mark Lippett. It began with samples of old recordings of family life mixed with keyboards and guitar and gradually developed into a full blown album, the free internet download release 'The Orange Balloon' released in the Summer of 2006. It was a strange piece of work, but something interesting and unusual was there to expand on. Since then, Planivaar grew and incorporated all kinds of samples and unusual instrumentation. Spontaneity and chance elements blend with dreamy soundscapes created with guitar, synth and effects pedals.
Released March 19th 2007, The Yellow Square is a beautifully crafted record, created with soul and a passion for the quirky side of music. Using guitar, pedals, electronics and children's toys, The Yellow Square is a heartfelt, warm, human piece of work, and very rewarding indeed. Although finding comparisons can be hard for this rather original piece of work, faint echoes of Múm, Fennesz and The Animal Collective can be heard gently pushing against the walls of the beautiful sonic cottage that is The Yellow Square.
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