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Bonus Album CD

The new release by the Blow: hors d'oeuvres sampler. Want to know what's in there? We've listed the ingredients on little tags next to the dishes, so you know what you're putting on your plate: (songs 1 & 5): Solitary musings on the potential emotional connotations of commonplace life-science subjects. (songs 2,3,6,7,9): Imagine the playground, and the songs that you'd make with some sticks and the sound of your voice bouncing off of the brick wall in the back. Not the fleshy jean-stretching numbers where the bikini clad girls do their jiggling, but the skinny- legged sounds from when bouncing meant something more like Chinese jumprope: music for the hops, from back before you had any hips. (song 4): A creamy version of a recipe stolen from Uncle Wolf Colonel. (song 8): The results of two feisty cooks teaming up in the kitchen and tossing a tender bossa nova song back and forth between them, until there was enough sound in it to feed the whole drunken marching band as they wobble in the street at the end of the parade. After all scuffles between the drumbeats and the juicy ooh's had died down and the streets were cleared, the chefs (the Blow's, Khaela Maricich, and the Microphones' Phil Elvrum) found their aprons were so dirty, that instead of trying to wash them, they attached them to sticks and are saving them to carry as talismans in next year's festival. "Some Chocolates" is a duet with Mirah. Track Listing: Jet Ski Accidents She Buried Herself in the Air Some Chocolates Democracy of Small Things The Moon Is There, I Am Here The Tour-Me Sing Like Kyle Watch the Water Roll Up Little Sally Tutorial
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