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I Am Robot And Proud

The Catch and Spring Summer Autumn Winter CD

Darla is proud to offer an expanded reissue of an electro-pop classic by Toronto's I AM ROBOT AND PROUD aka Shaw-Han Liem. This reissue comprises The Catch, I AM ROBOT AND PROUD's debut full length CD, which was originally released in 2001 by Catmobile Records (UK), and Spring Summer Autumn Winter, an EP released in 2002 by Mira Records (Germany). Track list: 1. The Catch, 2. Read & Re-Read, 3. Saturday Afternoon Plans, 4. James's Equation, 5. Eyes Closed Hopefully, 6. The Heart of Things, 7. The Satellite Kids, 8. Julie's Equation, 9. Vendredi Le 30 Mars, 10. When We Were All Together, 11. September Argument, 12. Last Day of Winter "I Am Robot and Proud's debut record, The Catch, is 30 minutes of bubbling, melodic electronic pop that should have fans of Boards of Canada, Plone, or any electronic group that combines the low-key technological approach of Kraftwerk with the songwriting skills of first-rate pop musicians running to their local music stores with glee. It is the kind of record that will make you feel good, the kind of record that refutes the silly argument that electronic music has no soul. The Catch is the soul of Shaw-Han Liem, captured by machines and spooled out in sparkling glory. Do whatever it takes to track this disc down and file it next to Kraftwerk and Boards of Canada with pride." --ALL MUSIC GUIDE
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