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Cake On Cake

I Guess I Was Daydreaming CD

Helena Sundin grew up in a small, sleepy village in northern Sweden and spent her time studying classical cello and piano. By the time she started Cake on Cake, she mastered the countless others instruments that make up her unique and kaleidoscopic sound. This sound was first displayed on her acclaimed debut album "I See No Stars", which reached the top 40 on Dusted Magazines Radio Charts and quickly built up a cult following. Cake on Cake's second LP, "I guess I was Daydreaming", continues to showcase Sundin's talent with a wide variety of instruments, and an astonishing command of melodic grace. Yet it is her voice, both airy and full, that is perhaps the most fascinating element, containing a childlike fragility that draws you in and a sophisticated depth of emotion that makes your heart ache. The result is an amazingly prolific output of concise, whimsical, emotional, almost avant-garde pop songs.
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