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The debut album of Gareth S. Brown: once of HOOD, once of THE UNPLEASANTS and CANVAS, but always of Gareth S. Brown. 'Iron Henry' features songs of cyclical instrumental beauty inspired by the likes of Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Aphex Twin, Tom Waits, jewelery boxes as well as eastern European folk music. It also shares a common path with fellow travellers Max Richter, Aphex Twin and Colleen. A few early reviews for your delectation: "Philip-Glass-lost-in-toyland melodies, pretty and beguiling in the manner of Aphex Twin's piano experiments." ( "Very beautiful, very epic." (Sandman Magazine) "Taking its cue from Yann Tiersen's Amelie... you will struggle to find another album quite so unique and beautiful this year." (Fat and Confused) "A joy to behold... untouchable neo-classical beauty. Think along the lines of Yann Tiersen & Max Richter and you'll be somewhere near." (Norman Records)
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