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Drones, Loves, Honesties, Sounds CD

Silber has been slowly cranking out releases since 1996. Putting out indie records in a number of styles from drone-pop to darkwave to post-rock to americana to soundscapes & building a musical community not exclusive to a single niche. drones, loves,honesties, sounds contains tracks from 22 releases & 19 artists on Silber since 1999. We could go into a million details about every track & every artist, but we feel the music speaks strongly for itself & lets you know what you need to hear more of. So enjoy the music & become part of our Silber family. Track Listing: Aarktica - "you have cured a million ghosts from roaming in my head" from the album No Solace in Sleep Alan Sparhawk - "how the weather comes over the central hillside" from the album solo guitar If Thousands - "2i.gst" from the album i have nothing Rollerball - "Starling" from the album Real Hair Rollerball - "Tambien" from the album Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause Mike VanPortfleet - "Echoes Of The Lost Sea" from the album Beyond The Horizon Line Vlor - "wires" from the album a fire is meant for burning Plumerai - "illuminata" from the EP res cogitans Goddakk - "unfortunates" from the album Monument to a Ruined Age Remora - "The One I've Been Waiting For" from the album Enamored Black Happy Day - "In the Garden of Ghostflowers" from the album In the Garden of Ghostflowers Jamie Barnes - "The Fallen Acrobat" from the album The Fallen Acrobat Jamie Barnes - "Red Prescription" from the album Honey from the Ribcage Heller Mason - "Packing My Bags for Hell" from the album Minimalist & Anchored Twelve - "Now" from the album First Album Origami Arktika - "Eltavaag" from the album Vardøgr Tara Vanflower - "a rusted nail through the wrist" from the album my little fire-filled heart Lycia - "Tongues" from the album Estrella Lycia - "Pray" from the album The Burning Circle And Then Dust Kobi - "Anchored to a Central Core of Saturated Intensity" from the album Dronesyndrome Clang Quartet - "Idiot" from the album Jihad small life form - "pulsar" from the album one
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