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VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Most definitely for fans of SLOWDIVE, MALORY, COCTEAU TWINS, ETC. RSW is akin to a one-man Slowdive of the 2000's. Much how bands like Explosions in the Sky cull the best of their 80s/90s dreampop influences such as Cocteau Twins, Lush, etc. and bring them up to date with a fresh new sound, Raymond Scott Woolson does the same in bringing gorgeous layers of atmospheric shoegaze guitar work into the new millenium. Raymond Scott Woolson is a reclusive independent recording artist of ethereal guitar-driven instrumental music. Atmospheric and uplifting, his soundscapes hover along the fringes of the shoegaze / dreampop universe. A touch of melancholy here and there, a wistful feeling, but no doom or gloom. Woolson will not add to the burden of darkness in the world. His is the music of light. All of his songs have happy endings. ACCIDENTAL GRACE NOTES is his latest release (and, I believe, his first full-length factory-manufactured CD). This 50 minute CD gathers together 8 favorite tracks from 3 previous CD-R albums, and presents them as a unified sampler of his recent work. Despite the varying sources, the songs flow gracefully into each other, linked by intriguing field recordings, the whole forming a cohesive and satisfying journey throughout the length of the album. A strong believer in the Do-It-Yourself ethic, Woolson tackled every aspect of this home-made album himself, from the meticulous audio production to the art design and photography. The result is not big-budget perfect, but it is honest and original, two qualities sorely lacking in the majority of today's recorded music. "...a steady, cohesive flow of washed-out beauty..." "...I'm lost in a sea of sounds..." "...a truly beautiful, haunting quality..." "...lovely, beautiful sonic soundscapes..." Mr Woolson lives in Western New York State. He has produced 4 albums of "ethereal instrumental" music to date. He does not perform live or make public appearances. He is available for interviews via the written word only.
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