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For fans of C86, mid-to-late-80s jangly indiepop, and bands like THE SMITHS, THE PASTELS, SHANGRI LA'S, AISLERS SET, JOSEF K and HEAVENLY. "When we first heard the lovely pop songs on their first 7"-release, "Been waiting for a million years for the bus to get me out of here" on Fabulous Friends Records, we were absolutely impressed. In the beginning of 2005 they recorded 4 new songs. This time it's even better! But the time went and the band nearly tore apart. We knew that The Tidy Ups had recorded new songs, and were very exited to listen to it. We nearly said that we where going to release it, before we had heard the songs. The EP contains a little different type of songs. But still great pop songs. Excellent lyrics! Melodies! Harmonies! Trumpets! Violins! Handclaps! The Tidy Ups gives all the beautiful people in the world speedy , lovable pop songs." - MIMG
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