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Limited edition color vinyl!
In 1980 the world and music were in a very different place than they are today. Bands were playing ten minute jams with unending guitar solos, and singing about anything except what was really happening in the world. And what was going on was anything but pretty, people were disenfranchised and angry.
Punk rock which had already broken wide open was becoming a sort of hitching post for a new generation of artists and performers who found the formula a perfect fit for expressing their frustration and disgust. Circle Jerks are regarded as ground breakers and highly influential to many who came after them. The bands body of work shows a constant growth and development of their sound, unlike many others who fell to the wayside.
Looking back at the bands catalog which is now finally all available in one format or another, one can see that the band has never lost their edge or trademark sense of humor.
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