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Better Days Will Haunt You 2xCD+DVD

Two legendary albums, a bunch of tours, a small but fanatical fanbase... the twin guitar attack of CHAVEZ may have been too ahead of its time in the mid-1990s, but now seems prophetic. From Mastodon to Jucifer to Queens of the Stone Age, the age of the earth-shattering power chord is upon us. Where CHAVEZ differed from bands both then and now was the application of extraordinary minor-key harmonies and oblique, fiercely joyous lyrical subjects on top of the barbed wire guitarage and the ferociously anti-rock drumming of classically trained James Lo. Indeed, the band claimed Carl Maria von Weber as a major influence, and it is not hard to think of the lower-Manhattan-based quintet as the reincarnation of 19th-century romanticism via incredible musical chops and a musical upbringing soaked in the Kinks, Sabbath and Grand Funk. A reunion concert will mark the release of this landmark, extremely enhanced collection.
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