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"Fans of Pajo's first, self-titled record may be surprised to discover that he's still around to make a second one. After the fragile, shattered tone of Pajo -- and the quiet year that followed its release -- it wouldn't surprise (only shock) to learn that he'd shuffled off our puny mortal coil. Pajo lives on. The melancholy air survives -- but 1968 is by and large less sentimental than Pajo. The making of 1968 was influenced by horror movies, the music of Gorguts, and the poetry of Hafiz. Some of the words are straight from Hafiz and altered to fit. The song 'Wrong Turn' is about the movie of the same name. These diverse elements have been torched and sunk beneath the seemingly placid surface of Pajo's music -- which ripples disturbingly as songs, sounds and lyrics pulse below."
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