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Grizzly Bear

Yellow House CD

"Grizzly Bear has come a long way in the past 2 years. From its original incarnation as a one man band of acoustic guitar, field tapes and drum machine; to its current state as a full band complete with drums, two guitars, bass, woodwinds, effects pedals, cradled by four part harmonies, Grizzly Bear's music has made the leap from charming lo-fi folk rock to breathtaking, experimental cinematic pop. The talent between the four members of Grizzly Bear is evident from their deft playing, which also makes for a brilliant and engrossing live act. Grizzly Bear are remarkable not just for their attention to detail but for their concern for how a song FEELS: flush with heart and melancholy, their music is seductive and intimate, deep with hazy-eyed choruses, whistles, piano and banjo. They know melody and ambiance are partners por vida. Experimental mood music with love for classics and standards, it's the kind of stuff you yearn to crank when you're lying in bed in clean sheets on a Sunday. Their Warp Records debut, Yellow House, melds the possibility of the digital age with the classic American songbook. Transportive and beautiful. It will be your soundtrack to late nights, summer afternoons and first kisses."
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