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Channel, The

Tales From The Two Hill Heat / Sibylline 2xCD

The Channel sound is a mix of psychedelic, pop and western tones. They've been around for a spell, having released their debut in 2001, a follow-up in 2004, and having performed with acts such as 'Of Montreal' and 'The Minders.' "Sibylline Machine" is a collection of tunes and lyrics as strange and oracular as Channel-member Jamie Reaves, and the titles he gave them. Meanwhile, other-Channel-member Colby Pennington formed the idea behind "Tales from the Two Hill Heart", mostly from his 'Driftin' Luke' demos and other songs buried deep within the recesses of his mind. As these two ideas took shape, it was clear that they were divergent entities, which gave way to the concept of releasing them as seperate pieces of music, albeit in one package. There's certainly something here for everyone.
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