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Wire, The

Issue #270: August 2006 MAG

"On the cover: Smegma (Three decades of free rock mayhem hasn't dimmed the enthusiasm of the LA freakout troupe who have worked with Wild Man Fischer, Richard Meltzer, Merzbow and Wolf Eyes). Features: Philip Samartzis (Andy Hamilton meets the electronic spatializer who has become a figurehead for Australian New Music); Leopard Leg (How this Brighton based female shamanic free rock collective went wild in the country); John Wiese (The prolific Californian noise generator is on a mission to find the frequencies that will blow your mind); Cross Platform: Brian Eno (The Ambient maestro introduces his latest venture into generative video; a painting cycle that would take hundreds of lifetimes to watch); Invisible Jukebox: Biosphere; Die Trip Computer Die (Guerrilla sampling duo Lepke B and Xentos 'Fray' Bentos have been electrocuting the UK post-punk underground since the late 70s); Akio Suzuki & John Butcher (On a recent odyssey round the resonant spaces and sacred stones of Orkney, the Japanese sound artist and the UK improvisor were affected by the spirit of place); Dabrye (Michigan producer Tadd Mullinix's spectral, shapeshifting take on hiphop has made him new friends, including Beans, MF Doom and Vast Aire)."
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